Something Worth Writing For

Writing is an act of passion.  It is meant to cut to the heart of the conflict, the root of reality, the soul of the reader.  Writing is an act of elegance.  It is when the words float daintily along the page, followed by the strings of their meanings.  Writing is an act of defiance.  It is something that is really, truly yours, even when the world is trying to say otherwise.  Writing is an act of trust.  It is sharing your innermost thoughts, from each crevice, every corner of your mind, without the slightest idea of how you will be received.  Writing is one of the most beautiful, magical, and humble forms of human expression, and we take it for granted.

We begin use it solely in practicality.  We forget that behind the jumbles of letters, there is real sentiment, actual intention.  We forget what makes writing so very special.

So how do we keep the magic alive?  What gives life to writing?  Reading.  Reading lightly and reading deeply.  I truly believe that books are portals to different worlds; they let you peek into someone else’s mind.  Books are a great act of kindness.  In reading them we gain from a writer’s sacrifice.  Books are their gifts to the world.



7 thoughts on “Something Worth Writing For

    • Thank you so much Dorothy! That really means a lot. And I scrolled through some of your video reviews over on your blog and I really love the mix of humor and analysis that you use. golden star 😉


  1. Wow, what a great post! I especially love your phrase ” It is when the words float daintily along the page, followed by the strings of their meanings.” Your writing about writing is absolutely wonderful!


  2. Your post makes me want to never stop blogging, and I love you, and you make me feel so good inside, like everything I do matters to someone. 🙂 This is also a thank you, for liking my post “Infinite Stephanies” literally two seconds after I posted it, LOL! PS: I LOVE YOUR SNOW! 😀


    • OH MY GOSH STEPHANIE I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE THIS COMMENT UNTIL NOW! You’re such an incredibly nice person and of course you mean something to someone (one of those someones being me) because you’re irresistibly likeable! Can I have that talent for Christmas? And I’m trying desperately to find the blogpost that showed me how to add the snow, but I can’t find it. I think you go to Settings and then General. Never stop blogging and happy holidays!


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