All You Need is Love

Love is weird.  Like we think it’s this super complex, deeply integral part of our human existence, but then we see two dogs cuddling together or a mommy bird flying back to her babies and it’s easy to remember that we don’t have a monopoly on the most powerful force in the world.  A lot of the time, we claim that love is blind, but when you see a close friend getting married (or ahem, a fictional character), then it looks a lot like love knows whatever the heck it’s doing.  You can’t help but love love.  Whether you’re an eighty year old grandma who’s been married to the same person for who knows how long, or an eight year old boy who’s afraid of catching cooties, there’s someone out there who makes you happy you exist.

We give our love to a lot of things, our passions, our creations – things that make us happy.  But the absolute best form of love is when you give it to someone else.  And I don’t just mean romantically (although that’s nice, too).  I’m talking about the love that you give to your mom, your dad, your pet dog, your best friend, your platonic-someone-special.  Valentine’s Day is coming early this year because we’re gonna celebrate love with some of my favorite couples, romantic or otherwise!

Let’s start with some real-life people, shall we?

Alex and Sierra

If you’re not familiar with Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, they just won the X-Factor 2013!  Along with their amazing musical arrangements and vocal talent, Alex and Sierra’s relationship dynamic was part of their appeal.  Even Simon liked them.  Now I know that Simon’s actually really really sweet inside (he’s like the Gordon Ramsey of the music industry), but come on, he’s a pretty tough judge, and they just turned him into this soft pile of mush and happy feelings.  What I really love about Alex and Sierra is their devotion to each other.  Throughout the entire competition, they were each other’s support system, but they weren’t what some viewers would deem nauseatingly affectionate.  As in, they refrained from eating each other’s faces.  You could tell that they really cared about each other, and they’ve been together for years, posting this adorable picture against allegations that they were faking their romance for fame:

But even with all that chemistry on and off stage, that’s not what I admire most about Alex or Sierra.  Neither of them let newfound success change who they are, and it was down to earth things like talking about Sierra’s mom, an immigrant from Vietnam, that really made me feel a connection to them and their music.  From start to finish, they remained constant in their love, trust, and identity.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Despite his character on How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris is anything but a player.  Unless you count playing with his kids!  Look at him and David with their adorable twins!  Plus, their costumes are so good; it’s hard to tell who’s who!  The twins are fraternal, and Harper Grace and Gideon Scott sure have their differences.  As Harris puts it:

And not only do they [the twins] get older and more developed and interesting, but David’s and my relationship changes too. We’re required to have each other’s back, and I’m just amazed at the human being that he is. He’s an amazing dad.

Barack and Michelle Obama

Even the president of the United States is willing to pamper his one and only.  And I have to say the POTUS and FLOTUS are a pretty cool couple.  And when you’re first lady, you do get Beyoncé to sing at your birthday party, so anniversary gifts are a bit hard to top.  Especially when you’ve had about 21 of those anniversaries.  But whether it be in front of the country or in the privacy of their home (you know, that white house), the Obama’s are a bit of a superhuman team, and let’s not forget Sasha and Malia.

(Another presidential powerhouse couple?  FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt.  They also have a pretty cute story, but good ol’ Franklin had a little something something going on with the secretary.  Eleanor ain’t putting up with that.)

Your Parents

Yes, your parents (okay, mine too).  I’m sure they’re very cute together, if they’re not being annoying like my parents.  Kidding!  But hey, if your home life’s not great, though I sincerely hope it is, or your parents are separated (I can relate to that too), I hope you have someone that you can call family.  Besides, your parents did at least one good thing; they made you!

Now for some not-as-fleshy people:

Anna and Elsa

anna and elsa

As a sisterly duo with an unbreakable bond, Anna and Elsa lit up the big screen.  With quite a few spectacular musical numbers, I might add.  It’s not the first time in forever Disney has received such wide acclaim for their animated movies (who could forget UP, Tangled, or WALL-E), but Frozen is definitely up there – with good reason!

All the characters in this movie are just so lovable, and everybody has a trick or two up their sleeve.  In the end you learn that empathy can lead to new beginnings; love really is an open door.  Though Anna certainly hit it off with some gentlemen, Anna and Elsa are really the unstoppable pair.  They make my heart melt, and some people are worth melting for.

Jack Frost and the Guardians

It takes a lot to know who you are, but sometimes all it takes is the right people to show you the way.  Another one of my favorite movies, Rise of the Guardians is truly magical in the way it brings our childhood heroes to life.  And who knows, Jack may just be perfect for a certain ice queen.  Trust me, he snows what he’s doing.

A Crown for His Queen - Elsa and Jack Frost by SleepyHeadKL

Rapunzel and Eugene

Possibly my favorite Disney couple ever.  The story of how they get tangled up together is captivating, heart-warming, and humorous.   And I need to watch Tangled Ever After while I’m wrapped up in a blanket and eating a bucket of popcorn.  That would be the Best.  Day.  Ever.

Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette

So I recently finished A Tale of Two Cities and I cried.  Man, Charles Dickens can work the drama.  And Charles Darnay?  Not bad himself.  I guess the British heartthrob heritage goes way back, huh?  And Lucie?  Well, she is the true meaning of a golden girl.

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

oh my gods, just kiss already

Their love transcends time… and book series.  Seriously, you have to be pretty great to last that long.  Fighting for survival really connects you to a person, I suppose.

It took them a while to finally get together, but Annabeth and Percy’s strong friendship was the best foundation for their relationship.  And the cool part?  Despite their new status, I don’t really think their relationship changed all that much, apart from the fact that they can kiss underwater now.  They still make fun of each other, and I bet Percy plans some pretty exciting dates.  And with Annabeth’s smarts and her Seaweed Brain, who knows what can happen?

Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy

Ah, now this one’s a classic.  My dearest Lizzie, not bad for the most undesirable man on the planet, no?  People can change, and no one knows that better than Darcy.  In fact, sometimes all you need is to swallow your pride and prejudice.  Take it from Elsa, let it go!
My all time favorite portrayal of their relationship’s evolution is Ashley Clements and Daniel Vincent Gordh as Lizzie and Darcy in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which tells their story in vlog form (warning: the series is highly addictive, and you might die from the suspense of each episode).  And with a cast that good, how could anything go wrong?

The Mane Six

yay or neigh?

Yes, I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Because friendship is magic!  These ponies (and unicorns, and allicorns/pegasus/pegasuses/pegasi/pegapeople…) are such a good example of how different personalities don’t have to divide us.  So before you shake your hoof at me, I recommend you give the show a try!

Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum

Okay, so they didn’t have the longest relationship ever, but all the interaction they did have was genuine and very sweet.  Krum is actually very endearing, and if you have time to reread and see how much he cares and how aww-worthy he is when he’s jealous, I think you’ll see that what he and Hermione had was special, even if it wasn’t meant to last.  And nothing against you, Ron (though sometimes Hermione and I think you’re being bloody stupid)!

So who is your favorite couple?  Vote or post your own down in the comments!


7 thoughts on “All You Need is Love

  1. Ok, everything you said was totally right. At the moment Anna and Elsa are my favorite! I really liked how their love is different than all the others and is not romantic or love at first sight kind of love (which is what we so much these days).Their bond is so strong and is something that we should see more of.
    P.S. When I read the first sentence of your post, it reminded me of Johanna from Catching Fire because she said the same exact thing! 🙂


    • It’s very true that Anna and Elsa have a deeper and more complicated relationship than the kind of stainless love that Disney has sometimes been known to portray. I love how realistic their relationship is as sisters! I mean sisters dealing with sorcery, but sisters nonetheless.
      And I haven’t seen Catching Fire yet; I really need to though! Plus, I heard Johanna was pretty awesome in it.


  2. Oh my gods, Percy and Annabeth are my OTP. I love them together so much! I agree with you that most relationships start with a solid foundation of friendship.
    I love your writing style, by the way. I could literally read your work all day. You’re hilarious! Thanks for this awesome post!


    • Yay, this makes me so happy! Not just the love for Percy and Annabeth, but the fact that you enjoy my writing is really reassuring, especially because I was worried about the length of this post (there’s a lot of people to love).


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