A Mean Girls World

The following post was inspired by my fellow blogger, Vivian.

Everyone has seen Mean Girls.  If you’re one of those people that haven’t watched it, it’s okay; that was me until last year. But why is Mean Girls so popular, even after all this time?  It’s not exactly an Academy Award winner.  Why then is it one of the most beloved movies of our generation?  The truth is I don’t know.  When I first saw the movie I kept thinking, “I don’t get it.”  I just couldn’t place my finger on what was so special.  Sure it was funny, but a lot of movies are funny.  Yeah the story was good, but it didn’t leave me rethinking my life choices.  Maybe the truth is that Mean Girls is honest.  It’s relatable.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s some unrealistic things that happen in the movie, but it’s for the sake of satire.  Mean Girls is outrageous, but it’s not so outrageous as to be unrelatable.  In fact, Mean Girls is very relatable.   Good or bad, you can’t help but get involved with every character, and all those gifable moments really do suck you in.  Whether we like it or not, there’s a Mean Girl in all of us.


That reminds me, April 30th 2014, is the ten-year anniversary of Mean Girls.  It’s a Wednesday.  You know what to do.

Tell me why you love or hate Mean Girls down in the comments.  I need to know.  You go (leave some comments) Glen Coco.



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