An Impression

There are three types of movies.  There are movies that have a short term effect.  There are movies that have a long term effect.  And there are movies that change your life.  There are movies that change your life immediately, unquestionably, from the moment you watch the trailer.  There are movies that act abruptly – the tears stream down your face with the roll of the credits.  And there are movies that touch you indefinitely, not until later, maybe after a second look or a sudden realization… and yet they stay with you forever.

Ah, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Frozen.  Frozen is one of the most beloved Disney movies that has ever graced the big screen.  The reaction has been extraordinary.  My personal reaction was probably not at the same level.  And now that the hype has died down a bit (but is in no way gone), I feel it safe to say that I felt like I didn’t feel like I loved Frozen as much as everyone else when the movie had finished and I sat in my seat wondering how to feel.  But the thing is, I’ve grown to love it.  I’ve been convinced.  There’s so many things about Frozen that I didn’t notice while I was watching it, only to relive the moments in gif-form, and admittedly, I probably have some serious re-watching to do.

See, I love movies because they are such an immersive experience.  You lose yourself in the theater, in front of your laptop, glued to the TV.  There is no distance between you and what is happening on the screen.  But there’s one movie-watching environment I haven’t discussed yet.  Watching movies in class.  Eh, I have mixed feelings about this.  Of course, there’s the general elation of not having to put in much effort for the period.  After all, a good movie moves the audience without them even noticing.  But there’s also that nagging feeling of discomfort of watching something potentially life-changing in a room full of your classmates.  It’s awkward because you don’t have the ability to ignore it as if you’re surrounded by strangers, and it’s definitely not as natural as jumping onto your worn-down living room couch.  But hey, it’s dark, so you’ll survive.  And then of course there’s the movie choice.  Movie days are usually under the pretense of something at least mildly educational, which may or may not be a problem.  So this brings me to the movie we watched in English today.  It portrayed the lives of French soldiers during World War I and the harsh reality of the war.  At first, the movie was a bit slow, but as it progressed, I became more invested of the outcome of the plot (and then my heart was crushed, but that’s what makes for a good movie).  And… stylistic abrupt ending!  I should go into film.


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