A Little Free Library

It all started with an idea.  Not my idea, but still.
It was the beginning of the school year, when my entire sophomore English class was introduced to the idea of innovation projects.  Basically, we had the school year to come up with something innovative and be ready to share it with our peers by the end of the year.  That’s where the book booth comes in.  So there’s this really cool idea known as the little free library.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but the fundamental principle is that it’s a really tricked out bookshelf that gets left in a public place, where people can take books and leave another in its place.  It’s a really organic way to share knowledge, and the little free libraries, or book booths, as my innovation group likes to call them, are beyond cool looking.

They range from quaint and tiny…

to huge and on stilts…

to TARDIS shaped!

And this one is our very own!


Thanks so much to Omar and Kareem for building the book booth (it looks amazing) and Corey for suggesting the idea (and he has a lot of ideas).  I’m not exactly sure how I contributed, but at least I wrote the official blog post. 😉

Happy reading,



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