List-en Up

Isn’t it weird how once we enter a new year the first thing we do is make a to-do list? That’s pretty much what new year’s resolutions are. A list of things that we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. And if you think about it, our lives our driven by lists. From the to-do lists we make in our heads to the “Best of 2014” lists littering the internet.

Why are lists so important? They force us to categorize – to prioritize. With the idea of a list comes the idea that there is a set order to how things are supposed to be (with numbered lists anyway). A to-do lists is made in chronological order; a list of top-ten movies takes a lot of things into account, from how much they made at the box office to audience ratings.

We did an activity in English class where we had to make three top ten lists about anything we wanted. That’s when I realized how hard it was – choosing a topic was fine, but deciding which items made the cut was more challenging. So, doing what I always do in the face of adversity, I turned to food.

ice cream

Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors
10. Strawberry
9. Rainbow Sorbet
8. Cherry Garcia
7. Neapolitan
5. Chocolate
4. Cookie Dough
3. Vanilla
2. Cookies and Cream
1. Mint Chocolate Chip


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